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The spring season is coming soon and we are in need of volunteers to help maintain the Park  If your department would like to sign up for a workday, contact Ron Naab - rjnaab@gmail.com  (262) 629-9749.
 WSFM Memorial Mums
The Wisconsin State Firefighters Memorial Inc. initiated a new fundraising activity last year on a small scale.  As the activity was a great success, we decided to expand the campaign statewide, and we are requesting your Department’s assistance with this endeavor. 
During the weekend closest to September 11th, the WSFM, Inc. will be conducting a state-wide fund raising campaign to support the Wisconsin State Firefighters Memorial Park by soliciting donations in exchange for which each donor receives a “WSFM Memorial Mum.”  We are leaving it up to each participating department to choose the day they wish to hold their individual campaign.  This “Memorial Mum” fundraising campaign is similar to that of the “buddy poppy sales events” conducted by various military veterans’ organizations.  The “Memorial Mums” distributed by supporters of the Wisconsin State Firefighters Memorial will have purple petals with a white stem, symbolic of the colors of the WSFM flag.  The small tag attached to the stem of each Memorial Mum will say: “I support the WISCONSIN STATE FIREFIGHTERS MEMORIAL”.

The WSFM, Inc. will provide appropriate signage along with an appropriate quantity of Memorial Mums to each department participating. We ask only that each seller have in their possession a fire boot for the deposit of donations. For any donation amount, the individual will receive one Memorial Mum.  We are asking for individuals to sell the Memorial Mums in whatever time block possible.  Even if you are only able to set up a table for a couple hours, this would help tremendously!    This would be a safe arrangement and would allow for good coverage of a community if multiple teams were deployed. Create a fun sense of competition between collection teams or even neighboring departments by challenging each other to see who can collect the most in donations.  
The suggested locations for the funds solicitations and distribution of these Memorial Mums would be areas with high consumer traffic such as local super markets, drug stores, or businesses such as WalMart, Walgreens, Shopko, etc.  You can decide where there would be good fund raising potential as you know your communities.  Conducting collections at street intersections may be an option if local ordinances allow for it, and it can be done safely. We encourage you to get the approval and support from the business management and local police prior to beginning any solicitation activities.
We encourage those individuals tasked with the fund raising and distribution of the Memorial Mums to wear clothing that would identify them as members or supporters of the fire service and the Wisconsin State Firefighters Memorial. Wearing turn-out gear, along with the presence of fire department apparatus may aid in the solicitation efforts.  
Please join us in this statewide unified firefighter effort to honor our fallen and promote the continued operation of the Wisconsin State Firefighters Memorial Park. 
For additional information and to request a supply of Memorial Mums please contact any of the Board Members.
Thank you from the Wisconsin State Firefighters Memorial Board of Directors.  
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