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Last Name First Name Middle Initial Job Title Department City Date of Death More Info
Seeman Julius   Chief Whitefish Bay F.D. North Shore F.D. Whitefish Bay 08/09/31 More Info
Kittelson Donald   Fire Chief Clayton Fire Department Clayton 12/17/2020 More Info
Tomlinson Dave   Firefighter Poynette/Dekorra Fire Department Poynette/Dekorra 12/06/2020 More Info
Raether Kelly L EMS Captain Ixonia Fire & EMS Ixonia 11/26/2020 More Info
Serdynski Brian T Firefighter Union Grove-Yorkville FD Union Grove 11/02/2019 More Info
Lundgaard Mitchell F. Engineer Appleton Fire Department Appleton 05/15/2019 More Info
Minor Odell R Paramedic Lieutenant Milwaukee Fire Department Milwaukee 03/06/2019 More Info
Truman Christopher P Captain Lake Mills Fire Department Lake Mills 12/31/2018 More Info
Barr Cory J Captain Sun Prairie Fire Department Sun Prarie 7/10/2018 More Info
Rosenthal Gregory   Flight Paramedic     04/27/2018 More Info
Mitchell Klint K Flight Nurse     04/26/2018 More Info
Neubich Sr. Philip H Firefighter Spooner Fire District Spooner 4/25/2018 More Info
Garner Jr. Richard L Firefighter - Paramedic City of Madison Madison 04/01/2018 More Info
Deicher Matthew M Firefighter/EMT Mosinee Fire Department Mostinee 09/23/2017 More Info
Shafer Terrance “Terry” E. Fire Chief Spring Valley F.D. Spring Valley 02/25/2017 More Info
Brocker John C. Firefighter Town of Oneida Volunteer F.D. Oneida 10/31/2016 More Info
Koski Mitchell "Mitch" R. Assistant Fire Chief Montreal F.D. Monreal 07/11/2016 More Info
Rosecky Marcia L. Firefighter Brookfield F.D. Brookfield 02/27/2016 More Info
Millard Lawrence "Larry" W. Firefighter Endeavor F.D. Endeavor 12/11/2015 More Info
Miller Michael P. Lieutenant Green Bay Metro F.D. Green Bay 06/20/2015 More Info
Wege Dale J. Firefighter Pine Lake Volunteer F.D. Pine Lake 06/01/2015 More Info
Swenson Dennis   EMT     05/01/2015 More Info
Schumacher Scott B. Lieutenant Kenosha F.D. Kenosha 02/25/2015 More Info
Fryman Les W. Firefighter Rosendale Volunteer F.D. Rosendale 01/21/2015 More Info
Heft Richard A. Div. Chief Fitchburg F.D. Fitchburg 08/09/2014 More Info
Waterman Denise A. Engineer Eau Claire F.D. Eau Claire 04/30/2014 More Info
Phillips Stanley   Dr.     07/11/2013 More Info
Cooper David C. Lieutenant Pleasant Prairie F.D. Pleasant Prairie 04/28/2013 More Info
Soukup John P. Firefighter Sturgeon Bay F.D. Sturgeon Bay 03/27/2013 More Info
Mortensen Philip A. Chief Brooklyn F.D. Brooklyn 12/22/2012 More Info
Fritz Steven W. Chief Rothschild F.D. Rothschild 12/10/2012 More Info
Floryance Joseph R. HEO/Paramedic Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 10/05/2012 More Info
Wojczulis Robert   Firefighter Milwaukee County F.D. Milwaukee 05/16/2012 More Info
Colbert John "Jack"   Captain Birchwood F.D. Birchwood 04/06/2012 More Info
Kampmeyer Jamison   Lieutenant Colby F.D. Colby 03/04/2012 More Info
Didier Willam   Pilot     11/28/2011 More Info
Ruprecht Ronald D. Lieutenant Stone Lake F.D. Stone Lake 06/11/2011 More Info
Schneider, Jr. Donald A. Firefighter Belleville F.D. Belleville 05/29/2010 More Info
Koeser Steven J. Firefighter St. Anna F.D. St. Anna 12/29/2009 More Info
Van Rite Adam J. Firefighter De Pere F.D. De Pere 05/18/2009 More Info
Van Handel Heath J. Pilot Department of Natural Resources Appleton 04/08/2009 More Info
Weber John "Jack"   Firefighter Eau Claire Township F.D. Eau Claire 04/08/2009 More Info
Mathison Dean W. Chief Clayton-Winchester F.D. Larsen 02/10/2009 More Info
Borkin Rick H. Lieutenant Thiensville Vol. F.D. Thiensville 12/08/2008 More Info
Wichlacz Frank   Chief Pulaski Tri-County F.D. Pulaski 07/23/2008 More Info
Phillips Robert W. Firefighter Athelstane Vol. F.D. Athelstane 10/25/2007 More Info
Roscizewski Jerome F. Firefighter/EMT Raymond Vol. F.D. Raymond 09/26/2007 More Info
Rufer David A. Firefighter/MPO Monroe F.D. Monroe 06/12/2007 More Info
Walk Timothy J. Firefighter Marinette F.D. Marinette 11/02/2006 More Info
Wolff  Arnie   Lieutenant Green Bay F.D. Green Bay 08/13/2006 More Info
Berg Edwin   Chief North Prarie Vol. F.D. North Prarie 08/11/2005 More Info
Anshus Thomas   HEO Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 10/09/2004 More Info
Kilpatrick Michael J. Asst. Chief North Lake Vol. F.D. North Lake 10/07/2004 More Info
Weborg William   Asst. Chief Ephriam Vol. F.D. Ephriam 09/26/2004 More Info
Sanders Brian   Lieutenant Racine F.D. Racine 06/18/2004 More Info
Tiegs Jeffrey A. Firefighter Amherst F.D. Amherst 11/24/2003 More Info
Kennedy Daniel   Captain Green Bay F.D. Green Bay 06/12/2003 More Info
Casey Merlin J. Firefighter Mt. Horeb F.D. Mt. Horeb 05/10/2003 More Info
Mack Carl J. Firefighter New Chester F.D. New Chester 04/22/2003 More Info
Weber Edward J. Chief Elkhart Lake Vol. F.D. Elkhart Lake 04/13/2003 More Info
Dart Dennis A. Firefighter Sugar Camp Vol. F.D. Sugar Camp 11/02/2001 More Info
DeStefanis Ben   HEO North Shore F.D.   07/09/2001 More Info
Johnson Dana   Asst. Chief Grantsburg Vol. F.D. Grantsburg 02/26/2001 More Info
Isberner James   Firefighter Montello Joint Fire District Montello 02/19/2001 More Info
O'Flahrity Thomas R. Tech. Sargent WI National Guard F.D.   10/28/1999 More Info
Kalous Richard L. Fire Mechanic De Pere F.D. De Pere 02/10/1998 More Info
Quinn Gregory I. Asst. Chief Westfield Vol. F.D. Westfield Vol. 11/22/1997 More Info
Martinson, Sr. Robert W. Firefighter Conover Vol. F.D. Conover 01/26/1997 More Info
Emmerich Raymond   Firefighter Kimball Twp. F.D. Kimball 12/29/1996 More Info
McGarry Dennis D. Firefighter Tomah Vol. F.D. Tomah 03/07/1996 More Info
Zokan William J. Firefighter Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 01/13/1996 More Info
Olson Michael J. Firefighter Rio F.D. Rio 11/07/1995 More Info
Cormican Bruce A. Captain Black River Falls F.D. Black River Falls 08/22/1995 More Info
Buchholtz Evan   Firefighter Poysippi Vol. F.D. Poysippi 12/26/1994 More Info
Hoffer Lionel L. Firefighter Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 12/24/1994 More Info
Waskiewicz Robert P. Firefighter Augusta-Bridge Creek F.D. Augusta-Bridge Creek 04/18/1994 More Info
DeLellis Victor J. Motor Pump Operator Town of Waukesha F.D. Town of Waukesha 01/18/1994 More Info
Prueser Gary C. Firefighter Town of Russell F.D. Town of Russell 08/12/1993 More Info
Dzioba Heather L. Fire Recruit Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 09/01/1992 More Info
Pucker Dean O. Firefighter Lamartine F.D. Lamartine 07/31/1992 More Info
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