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Last Name First Name Middle Initial Job Title Department City Date of Death More Info
Buchholtz Evan   Firefighter Poysippi Vol. F.D. Poysippi 12/26/1994 More Info
Hoffer Lionel L. Firefighter Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 12/24/1994 More Info
Waskiewicz Robert P. Firefighter Augusta-Bridge Creek F.D. Augusta-Bridge Creek 04/18/1994 More Info
DeLellis Victor J. Motor Pump Operator Town of Waukesha F.D. Town of Waukesha 01/18/1994 More Info
Prueser Gary C. Firefighter Town of Russell F.D. Town of Russell 08/12/1993 More Info
Dzioba Heather L. Fire Recruit Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 09/01/1992 More Info
Pucker Dean O. Firefighter Lamartine F.D. Lamartine 07/31/1992 More Info
DuChateau John A. Chief Luxemburg Vol. F.D. Luxemburg 10/22/1991 More Info
Penning Richard A. Chief Kohler F.D. Kohler 11/05/1990 More Info
Ashmore Harvey J. Firefighter Muscoda Vol. F.D. Muscoda 10/10/1989 More Info
Mangerson Charles R. Chief Newbold Vol. F.D. Newbold 01/23/1989 More Info
Burclaw Jeffrey J. Firefighter Rosholt Vol. F.D. Rosholt 03/31/1988 More Info
Ziemer Richard H. Captain Glendale F.D. Glendale 03/16/1987 More Info
Hoffman Bruce E. Asst. Chief Keenan-Georgetown Vol. F.D. Keenan-Georgetown Vol. 11/20/1986 More Info
Weinzierl Victor   Firefighter Frederic Rural F.D. Frederic Rural 07/18/1986 More Info
Crabtree Larry   MPO/Master Mechanic Beloit F.D. Beloit 04/18/1986 More Info
Weber Arthur   Firefighter Stratforf F.D. Stratford 01/12/1986 More Info
Dagenbach Paul J. Apparatus Operator Kenosha F.D. Kenosha 03/09/1984 More Info
Hofacker John W. Firefighter Center Township F.D. Center Township 01/29/1984 More Info
Friedrich Richard   Captain Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 09/29/1983 More Info
Johnson Barry V. Firefighter Monona F.D. Monona 07/11/1983 More Info
Eisberner Donald L. DNR Firefighter Department of Natural Resources WI 04/24/1982 More Info
Kessler Floyd H. Hon. Chief Cottage Grove F.D. Cottage Grove 04/24/1982 More Info
Lake Wayne C. Asst. Chief Silver Lake F.D. Silver Lake 02/16/1982 More Info
Anderson Thomas L. Firefighter Edgerton F.D. Edgerton 01/09/1982 More Info
Lackey Carl   Firefighter Waupun F.D. Waupun 12/31/1981 More Info
Lorbeck James J. Firefighter Wauwatosa F.D. Wauwatosa 08/15/1981 More Info
Schampers Lawrence R. Firefighter Wauwatosa F.D. Wauwatosa 08/15/1981 More Info
Jahnke Allan T. Firefighter Shawano F.D. Shawano 03/25/1981 More Info
Soper Gary C. 1st Asst. Chief Argyle-Adams F.D. Argyle-Adams 03/11/1981 More Info
Strohman Marvin C. Lieutenant Marshfield F.D. Marshfield 01/04/1981 More Info
Carre Clyde   Motor Pump Operator Racine F.D. Racine 12/22/1980 More Info
Hogle John   Firefighter Racine F.D. Racine 12/22/1980 More Info
Born James   Firefighter Adell F.D. Adell 07/13/1980 More Info
Brooks Robert   Firefighter Adell F.D. Adell 07/13/1980 More Info
Ostram Ronald   Chief Brandon F.D. Brandon 05/30/1980 More Info
Bolzinger Fred   Battalion Chief Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 04/18/1980 More Info
Vanderploeg Henry   Chief Cable Fire District Cable 03/28/1980 More Info
Shaer Charles   Firefighter Hancock F.D. Hancock 09/19/1979 More Info
Leedle Ronald W. Firefighter Linn F.D. Linn 04/26/1979 More Info
Schrameyer Timothy A. Firefighter Grafton F.D. Grafton 07/15/1978 More Info
Sommer Thomas K. Firefighter Dale Fire & Rescue Dale 05/25/1978 More Info
Hanson James E. Firefighter Eau Claire F.D. Eau Claire 02/25/1978 More Info
Beckman Thomas W. Lieutenant Merrill F.D. Merrill 01/03/1978 More Info
Nell Walter   Firefighter Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 11/17/1977 More Info
Thorn Darrel L. Engineer Eau Claire F.D. Eau Claire 06/25/1977 More Info
Gutzmann August E. Captain Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 10/13/1976 More Info
Takach James   Firefighter Oak Creek F.D. Oak Creek 01/01/1974 More Info
Smerchek Robert P. Captain Caledonia F.D. Caledonia 09/01/1973 More Info
Elwell Harold R. Firefighter Glendale F.D. Glendale 5/28/1973 More Info
Mommaerts James   Lieutenant Green Bay F.D. Green Bay 05/24/1973 More Info
DeAngelis Donald   Firefighter Kenosha F.D. Kenosha 01/25/1973 More Info
Clark Roman   Captain Green Bay F.D. Green Bay 06/13/1972 More Info
VandenBranden Norbert   Firefighter Green Bay F.D. Green Bay 03/19/1972 More Info
Helminiak Ralph   Firefighter Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 01/18/1971 More Info
Birr Arnold   Firefighter Horicon F.D. Horicon 02/10/1969 More Info
Lynch Jack   Chief Helenville F.D. Helenville 12/28/1968 More Info
Pfeiffer Raphael   Apparatus Operator Kenosha F.D. Kenosha 11/21/1968 More Info
Olsen Lester   Assistant Chief Port Washington Fire Dept. Port Washington 10/01/1968 More Info
Lester Olsen   Assistant Chief Port Washington Fire Department Port Washington 09/30/1968 More Info
Kirschnik Robert   Firefighter Lannon F.D. Lannon 03/29/1968 More Info
Orlowski Chester   Firefighter Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 03/03/1968 More Info
Pickhard Robert   Firefighter Richfield Vol. Fire Co. Richfield 12/30/1967 More Info
Jentges Lee   Chief Woodland F.D. Woodland 12/15/1967 More Info
Bullis Emerson   Private Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 09/28/1966 More Info
Oeckel William   Private Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 08/20/1966 More Info
Thorpe Glen   Firefighter New London F.D. New London 05/04/1966 More Info
Parkinson Daniel P. Firefighter Madison F.D. Madison 01/08/1966 More Info
Sciborski Edward V. Asst. Chief La Crosse F.D. La Crosse 12/19/1964 More Info
Fassbender Donald   Firefighter Hollandtown F.D. Hollentown 10/27/1963 More Info
Van Abel Jerome   Firefighter Hollandtown F.D. Hollentown 10/27/1963 More Info
Uecke Robert   Lieutenant Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 10/28/1962 More Info
Stanke Ernest   Captain Mayville F.D. Mayville 07/10/1962 More Info
Reghanti Joseph   Motor Pump Operator Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 02/04/1962 More Info
Muenzenberger Adam   Fireman Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 11/10/1961 More Info
Heun Leonard   Battalion Chief Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 12/09/1960 More Info
Rein Fred J Captain Green Bay Fire Department Green Bay 09/08/1960 More Info
Finnane William J. Fireman Janesville F.D. Janesville 11/11/1959 More Info
Neuman Milton   Engineer Green Bay F.D. Green Bay 02/13/1959 More Info
Sheahan John   Lieutenant Milwaukee F.D. Milwaukee 12/29/1957 More Info
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